With many available combinations of drill, carrier, down-hole equipment, and support equipment - we can almost always provide a custom tailored solution to meet the challenge of any project.

We specialize in off-road/all terrain drilling equipment configurations, and also offer a full range of heli and fixed wing transportable equipment. We own powered and non-powered drilling barges for water-borne exploration projects.

Through our corporate family, we have access to additional specialized equipment and operator expertise with Barber Dual Rotary and other drilling methods. Together, we own over 30 drilling rigs and 100 pieces of support equipment, making us one of the largest, most diverse, and most experienced companies of our type in Canada.


For a complete breakdown of our equipment, please download our equipment list pdf. 



Truck Mount


Gus Pech H-51 Bucket Drill

Gus Pech Brat 22

Canterra CT-250

Acker MP-8


















Track Mount


Sonic SDC450

CME 850

Acker MP-5

Mobile B-59

Acker Soil Sentry


Acker Soil X

RM 30

Ranger 24

Ranger II
















Skid Mount / Heli Portable


Acker SS II

Ranger 24

Ranger II