Support Equipment

Paddock owns a vast array of support equipment to ensure the success of any project. Some of our equipment include:

Small Drill barge (self propelled) - a larger barges are also available


Low Boy
and crane capable tractors

Morooka 2200
 - soft track

 track vehicle with crane and removable water tank

 with or without Crane

Heavy support trucks

3500 Gallon Water trucks























































Additionally, Paddock Drilling can provide the following:

  • ATVs on tracks or wheels
  • snowmobiles
  • track trailers and carriers
  • Heated trailer
  • contractor shack
  • core trailer
  • arctic drill enclosure
  • water tanks from 500 to 3,500 gallons
  • grout plants
  • Moyno pumps
  • brahma pumps
  • air compressors 300CFM and larger
  • portable generators 1800W and larger
  • piston samplers
  • vane shear kit
  • steam cleaner
  • Decon equipment
  • 4x4 service vehicles
  • Communication equipment - cell phones, FM, Radio Telephone, Satellite Telephone