Services are provided to a wide range of professional engineers, private and government firms and individuals throughout North America, with projects focused primarily within Canada.


Some of our capabilities include:


  • coring
  • split spoon sampling
  • shelby tube sampling
  • mineral exploration
  • mine site rehabilitation / closure
  • contamination investigation
  • environmental assessment
  • site dewatering
  • piezometer / slope stability installation
  • ground stabilization evaluation
  • lagoon & tailings pond assessment
  • wastesite / landfill drilling, assessment and monitoring
  • mousehole & rat hole construction
  • piling construction
  • solar & wind turbine piling installation
  • ground water investigation





















Paddock's extensive experience working in diverse and often difficult geologic and geographical settings forms the basis of our success.
We tailor each project to meet technical, time, and budget objectives. We provide detailed, presentation quality estimates on every project - regardless of scope.


Our estimators have strong technical backgrounds and years of field experience to draw upon and can respond to the most complex requests in a minimum of time - same day estimates are normal.


We provide recommendations on:


  • logistics
  • equipment configuration
  • personnel selection
  • drilling and sampling techniques suited to specific subsurface conditions and program objectives
Contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone. Same-day estimates are normal.