Drilling Tools & Sampling Methods

Drilling tools and methods must be selected based on the program objectives, anticipated stratigraphy. We can select from:

  • Solid Stem Augers in 4 sizes from 3 in. to 6 in. hole size.
  • Hollow Stem Augers in 8 different sizes from 2.25 in. i.d. to 10.25 in. i.d.
  • Wireline Casing Advancers in 3 sizes from BW to HW
  • Wireline Diamond Drilling in 4 sizes from BQ to PQ
  • Air Rotary to 6 in. dia.
  • DTH Hammer to 6 in. dia.
  • 90mm Stratex Casing System
  • Mud Rotary to 12.25 in. dia.
  • Hydraulic Bucket Boring for holes up to 48 in. dia..

Sampling and Testing tools and methods are selected based upon program objectives. These can include:

  • Piezocone (CPTu)
  • Visual (grab) sampling
  • Continuous Soil Core - Wireline (HSA)
  • Shelby tube
  • SPT
  • Continuous Soil Core - Wireline (Casing Advancer)
  • Air Stream Cyclone
  • Pneumatic Packer testing, Single & Double
  • Saturated Sand Continuous Coring
  • Fluid and Air Wireline Diamond Drilling
  • Vane Shear Apparatus

We carry an extensive inventory of construction materials including:

  • Monitoring well construction materials
  • Inclinometers
  • Cassagrande Piezometers
  • Pnuematic Piezometers
  • Sample containers